Vision and Mission

Our Mission

highest international levels and present Iraq as a leader in global education. IAI provides a competitive international educational The mission of the International Academy of Iraq (IAI) is to raise the education standards in Iraq to the program for all students, promoting equality regardless of their ethnicity, gender, social status, or religious background. Moreover, IAI prides itself on its commitment to providing prestigious and affordable education for future generations.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to prepare our students for outstanding achievements in international education, but also to prepare them for college admission competition, success in top global universities, and to equip them for a rapidly changing world. We aim to enrich their lives through continuous learning, enabling them to shoulder responsibilities as distinguished and socially respected individuals. Our graduates develop in a way that allows them to adapt and utilize their knowledge according to the circumstances, time, and place they find themselves in. We strive to create the leaders of tomorrow.

School Grade

Educational stages range from 4 years in kindergarten to 17 years in preparatory school.

Teaching Staff

The teaching staff is carefully selected to combine various cultures and foreign and local nationalities to ensure a high level of diversity, experience, and expertise.

The project includes:

  • Modern classrooms
  • Indoor activity hall for children
  • Outdoor playgrounds for children
  • Science laboratories
  • Modern library
  • Music and Art studio
  • Football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts
  • Indoor sports hall (gymnasium)
  • Open spaces and green areas
  • Indoor swimming pool complex.
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