30 April

Mr. Casper

In my inaugural year at the International Academy of Iraq, I’ve been immersed in a tapestry of brilliant experiences. From diverse cultural exchanges to rigorous academics and global initiatives, every moment has enriched my understanding and broadened my horizons. I …

19 April

Ms. Zainab

Experience is not often measured by the number of years. However, I have learned a lot through my teaching period at the International Academy of Iraq Kindergarten. To be a successful teacher among your students, it is important to be …

19 April

Ms. Zahraa

I’m Zahra, teaching Arabic and Islamic education at the International Academy since 2020. I’ve gained academic experience here and improved my skills in e-learning platforms and technology. I’ve received certificates of appreciation from Classera and the school administration.

19 April

Ms. Walaa

The academy is a special place for learning with diverse teamwork. This new experience will help me learn more about teaching, education, and technology, along with my four years of teaching Arabic. Teaching the first grade was challenging but now …

19 April

Ms. Vanessa

At IAI, I aim to inspire hope, ignite students’ imaginations, and foster a love of learning in a stimulating and encouraging classroom environment. Empowering and nurturing young minds has always been my passion. As Nelson Mandela said, ‘Education is the …

19 April

Ms. Siba

In my second year at IAI, as a dedicated Physical Education teacher, I bring boundless energy and expertise to swimming instruction. With extensive training in aquatic education and safety, I ensure a secure environment. Committed to instilling a love for …

19 April

Ms. Rima

I’m an Islamic and activity kindergarten teacher at IAI, with 13 years of experience shaping young minds. Through hands-on learning and positive reinforcement, I empower every child to reach their full potential. I’m committed to partnering with parents to create …

19 April

Ms. Reem

I am an experienced ICT teacher passionate about fostering technological literacy. In my first year at IAI, I am committed to creating an engaging learning environment. I strive to empower students with practical skills, critical thinking, and a deep understanding …

19 April

Ms. Nour

At IAI, I merge science expertise with a dedication to student empowerment. With a Master’s 2 & a BA in Biochemistry, I bring 8 years of experience in Science and Biology. My innovative approach, influenced by Bloom’s Taxonomy, cultivates critical …

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