Academic Program

IAI follows the American Common Core State Standards with a clear intention to maintain academic rigor in order to provide the knowledge and skills required to be college and career ready. By achieving international benchmarks and utilizing the Common Core State Standards.  IAI teaching methodology embeds character values and academic training to develop student competency as well as curiosity. All stakeholders review the curriculum periodically and modifications are made to meet both standardized requirements as well as the needs of the students.

The mission and vision of the school are closely connected to the curriculum; which is the American Common Core Standards (CCSS). CCSS are developed to ensure international benchmarks. The American Common Core curriculum covers Mathematics and English Language Arts; the science standards adopted are the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


The school has identified challenging and measurable 21st Century Learning Expectations for all students which address academic, social and civic competencies, and are defined by school-wide analytic rubrics that identify targeted levels of achievement..


IAI is a school at the forefront of standard-based grading, having used it since its opening. As a result, creating and implementing research-based analytic rubrics for the measurement of standards or expectations is a strength that is demonstrated as much with regard to the newly revised 21st Century Learning Expectations as it is across the board at IAI.



The school has recently developed Core Values and beliefs, and recently revised 21st Century Learning Expectations which are actively reflected in the culture of the school, have begun to drive curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a majority of classrooms, and help to guide the school’s policies, procedures, decisions and resource allocations. Though the Core Values, beliefs and 21st   Century Learning Expectations involve newly adopted language, they are–and have been–actively reflected in the school community and culture as a whole for the previous and the current academic year. Given that the foundational Core Values were developed beginning with the students themselves, they represent an environment that our school community is clearly accustomed to. Existing structures Board of Directors, Response to Intervention, Go Green Club, and many more, are exemplars of IAI school culture reflecting the Core Values, beliefs and 21st Century Learning Expectations.

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